Instant Poet – Kodungallur Kunjukuttan Thampuran

During the feudal days, knowledge of Latin and Greek was the criterion for recognising a gentleman as a studious man. English was not considered a language. There was much enemy to translating the bible into English.

Almost a same admittance was noticeable in India. Here Samskrutam was the language of the elite. All discussions and philosophical debates were in that language, including poetry, performing arts etc. The poet who first wrote his poetry in Malayalam was ridiculed as a half poet! Malaayala had no grammar even. It was just a dialect. More than half of its words were borrowed from Tamil. When, the writers began using it, they auxiliary Samskrutam words liberally. Today, it is a join up of both. English phrases were blindly translated into Samskrutised Malayalam. Konakam, a piece of cloth used as lid to conceal private parts, became coupeenam.

Kodungallur Kunjukuttan Thampuran (K.T.), a close friend of my maternal grandfather, who was very talented and took photograph album in literature and arts, from whom I must have inherited something in this management, translated the cassette MAHABHARATAM into comprehensible Malayalam sans Samskrutam words. I strongly suggest this cd to all Keralite, as our pleasurable epic is not abandoned the greatest touching-conflict propaganda, but it is a source of depth.

They declare, there is nothing that is not found in this photo album.

There is an anecdote very very about how K.T. was accomplishment his translation.

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Hearing approximately this acquiescent venture, the popular poet Vallathol, who conventional Kalamandalam, at Cheruthuruti, Shoranur, stuffy Bharatapuzha, went to see him. K.T., who was concentrating by now suggestion to a thick volume and dictating to three men dexterously versed in the art of hearing, retaining in memory a join together stanza and writing the length of at lightning readiness, as there is no short hand in my language. Vallathol thought he was dictating what he had already written in the sticker album. When he came near, his incredulity knew no bounds to see that K.T. was indeed concentating as regards the Samskrutam text and dictating the Malayalam bank account!

As he cannot wait even for a moment, he engaged three men. He took no epoch in be in-encounter the translation into Malayalam. If his writers forgot something and wanted K.T. to repeat a particular stanza, he wold publicize a subsidiary one!

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