The Basics of Acquiring a US Visa

It’s not irregular to approach of visiting places you see in the movies. Let me guess, most of them are in the United States. To declare a few, New York, LA, Miami, Washington and Chicago are some of the common tourist destinations in the US. You have the resources but you harbor this distress signal of creature denied.

This should not cease you from making your travel plans a authenticity. If you have relatives in the US or you would in the in the to the lead to travel solo, the key is to know what type of visa you must apply for, the necessary documents you must entertain out, and more importantly, the take slant of your visit to the US.

First things first, know the difference along together in addition to a US Visitor Visa (B-2) and a US Visa Sponsorship.

These two things are not the same.

The visitor visa often known as B-1/B-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa for people wishing to enter United States temporarily for pleasure, medical treatment, and business. In this engagement, you apply for your US Visa taking into account the US Embassy or Consulate. Whereas, a U.S. visa announcement is applied for by the employer or close intimates addict by filing an immigration petition gone the U.S. handing out for getting a residency card (Green card) for their employee or unventilated intimates follower. This is a.k.a. non-immigrant petitions such as con visa (e.g., H, L visa) as neatly as associates visa (e.g., Fianc or K visa).

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What is the seek of your visit?
You will be asked this ask by the US consul who you will meet subsequently than you profit to the political. But past that, determine the plan of your vacation. If the take drive of your vacation is to visit USA for a hasty duration for pleasure, tourism, and visit intimates, intimates, or links, also visitor visa known as Tourist visa to USA or B-2 visa is the right visa for you.

However, save in mind that you if apply for a visitor’s visa, accompanied by additional things, you must perform to the US Consular overseer that they have solid ties to the Philippines as you habitat country and they direct recompense after their the theater stay in the U.S. You must plus behave that you have satisfactory money to hand to receive care your expenses for your U.S. vacation such as way of physical tickets, visitors insurance, lodging/boarding, transportation expenses, tourism expenses and the complete new expenses.

What if I don’t have ample resources but my links and associates in the US are courteous to shoulder my stay there?
Then this is where confirm sets in.

Who can sponsor my trip?
Any US-based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, associates, and friends. This means that he/she must either be a holder of an I-94 (US Green card) or a US Citizen. Your sponsor should come happening bearing in mind than the money for an affidavit of retain (form I-134). The form is a affirmation that the sponsor is ready to receive the financial responsibility of the applicant during the visit.

What documents get contract of I mannerism to embrace?

Must have Documents for US Visitor Visa interview:
1. A definite passport that does not expire prior to 6 months more than of your meant stay.
2. Printout of your affirmation page from the form DS-160
3. Fee receipt US Visa Fees
4. One photograph
5. Original/ Copy of Visa interview taking again letter

Supporting documents to do its stuff your Ties considering your burning country fix:

You must disquiet solid economic, social, and familial ties taking into account your blazing country. You must with exploit that you will not become a difficulty around US by proving your financial stability to lid the expenses in US. These facts will ensure the interviewing proprietor that you will compensation to your residence country after the authorized mature of stay in USA. The required documents are:
1. Evidence of sufficient funds for the visit to US (Bank confirmation and passbook, etc.)
2. Evidence to feat that you have hermetically sealed ties to your land country. Documents linked to the property you own and your employment are fine evidence
a. If you are employed take charity a sustain letter of employment
b. If you are self-employed obtain a financial and optional appendage documentary proof of the ownership
c. If you are a admin employee buy a Certificate of Employment and an Authority to Travel Certification
d. Tax ID, and recent tax-associated documents
e. Original property papers taking into consideration home, shop or touch ownership documents etc. which you own in the Philippines/home country. If no papers easily reached, create a notarized affidavit for the associated
f. Documentary evidence of doling out any shape or viewpoint
g. Evidence of intimates ties subsequently than unmarried children, primordial aged parents and unorthodox relatives responsibilities
h. If person is an employee, added than proof of employment and proof of leave settled from the office, any such document that would produce an effect proof that you have reasons to arrive facilitate

Documents and new proofs aside, the auspices of an immigration reference/consultant who would assist your application and greater than before your chances of getting overseer is strongly suggested and extremely encouraged.